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All Massage Therapy Rates are Inclusive of HST.   Please note payment is due at time of treatment.  A receipt can be issued to you to submit to your extended health care insurance for reimbursement where applicable.  Etransfer is preferred for payment. Direct billing may be an option.  Cash (exact change) is also accepted.


45 Minute
Massage Therapy Session


60 Minute
Massage Therapy Session


90 Minute
Massage Therapy Session

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Cancellation and Billing Policies

When you schedule an appointment, we commit to reserving that time for you and you alone.  We kindly ask for as much notice as possible for any change of appointments. Last minute cancellations and no shows mean that another client could have taken that appointment instead of waiting for care.  Late notice cancellation (less than 48 hours) will be charged at 50% of the treatment fee and missed appointments will be charged at full fee. This fee can be paid by etransfer and no new appointments will be booked until previous fees are received.  Any future appointments already booked will be cancelled if payment is not received promptly.  If you are late for an appointment, your appointment will finish at its scheduled time and full fee of the treatment will be charged.

We offer direct billing to select insurance companies, provided that the select insurance company will allow and indicate prompt direct payment to the therapist. This is not a mandatory service but done as a courtesy to clients. However, if your insurance company/policy does not pay the provider directly upon online submission you will be responsible for payment.  We will issue a receipt of payment for you to submit to insurance.

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